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Current topic: Administrative Review Division

Administrative Review Division

The separate Administrative Review Division of the National Committee on Medical Research Ethics (Tukija) has been appointed for 4 year term from January 31, 2022 onwards (2022-2026).

The division consists of a chairman and one vice-chairman, as well as nine members and four alternates. The division is a separate, independent executive body of Tukija.

The Administrative Review Division is responsible for dealing with requests for administrative review of rejection decisions (i.e. negative opinions) issued by Regional Committees on Medical Research Ethics. The division assesses the requests for administrative review in accordance with the Medical Research Act (488/1999, as amended).

There is no charge for processing requests.

Laki lääketieteellisestä tutkimuksesta (488/1999) sisältäen 31.1.2022 voimaan tulleet muutokset